What is Olympic Games? A short composition on it

The origin of the Olympic Games is not exactly known. in the ancient world the Olympics were held in Greece every 4 years for more than 1,000 years. The first celebration of the anciet games was in 776 Be. The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 under the patronage of the king of Greece in a new marble stadium built in Athens for the purpose.

The opening ceremonies of the games are staged in the principal stadiums. These ceremonies are very colourful.They are conducted in an atmosphere of merriment and jubilation. The motto of the Olympics is universal friendship. The competitors enter into the contests not to win but to participate. Participation is looked upon as more important than victory. All ideas of national rivalries and jealousies are forgotten. Considerations of ' politics, race, religion wealth and power are of no importance here.

Among the most interesting events in the Olympic Games are lOO-metrc. 200-metre and 400-metre races both in the field tracks and in the swimming pools, diving, cycling, gymnastics, high jump and pole vault. In all these items men compete with men, and women compete with women. The end of the Olympic Marathon is also a wonderful and exciting moment.

International Olympic Committee awards various medals, cups and diplomas to the winners in the different events. There are usually three medals in each item-gold, silver and bronze. The winners of Olympic gold medals achieve great honour and glory not only for themselves but also for their countries.

The aim of the Olympic Games is to bring about friendship. understanding, peace and harmony in human relationship allover the world. it is hoped that the Olympic Games will continue to foster friendly relations between the different countries and nations of the world.